Fix Your Games – Solve DLL Errors

Many games in today’s scenario use dynamic link libraries. To name a few, GTA V, PUBG, Counter-Strike, and FIFA are some prominent ones. It is tantalizing to encounter an “msvcr100.dll missing” or “vcruntime140.dll not found” while trying to run these games after long days of work. Many users of Windows-based Operating Systems face these errors regularly. It is thus vital to understand these errors before attempting to debug them. This article will focus primarily on understanding what DLL files are and how they affect the performance of an application.

What is a DLL File?

A Dynamic Link Library is a package provided by Microsoft for Windows-based Operating Systems. It contains many elements that are vital to the optimal performance of third-party applications. It also helps developers in their process of programming. Here are a few components found in the .dll files.

i) Classes – A class is a program’s building block. It is an object’s blueprint. Object-oriented Languages have taken control as technology has advanced across the world. Classes and Objects are essential in this paradigm and have a significant influence on a program. They include data members as well as member functions. Classes are an Object-oriented Programming Language component.

ii) Functions – Functions are also referred to as sub-modules. They are a brief collection of instructions designed to accomplish a specific goal. A calculator is a basic illustration of a function. Every button on a calculator is a function because it achieves a distinguished purpose.

iii) UI Resources – To navigate an application, UI resources are required. These resources are included in DLL files to assist developers in the process of developing an application. These resources, which may be buttons, checkboxes, or anything else, help the user comprehend the program better.

iv) Miscellaneous – Other files like icons, images, and audios make up for the remaining components in a .dll file.

Errors faced by Users

i) Missing file – The most common type of problem is a missing.dll file. Many people get this problem while attempting to open software or a game created using Visual C++. These mistakes are minor and solved with ease. They do not pose significant risks to the operating system. Many players encounter these difficulties when attempting to play their favourite game. “msvcr100.dll missing” and “vcruntime140_1.dll not found” are prevalent searches in today’s scenario.

ii) Corrupt files – In comparison to missing files, these mistakes are less prevalent. They arise as a result of malware infecting the system. These viruses propagate to other files on the computer and alter sections of code in those files. It is critical to remove such file infectors from the computer since they can affect the system.

Solutions to these Errors

There are a plethora of solutions to errors encountered due to .dll files. Here are the quickest and simplest solutions amongst them all.

i) Reinstalling the application – A user can always resort to completely reinstalling an application. They have to uninstall the game or software from the control panel before installing a clean version. This action might actually result in the loss of data. Thus, one should always back data up before uninstalling an application.

ii) Download the missing DLL – Another quick solution is to download the .dll file. The user can navigate to the directory of the application and paste the file. This action is a risky endeavor, especially in the digital era of cybercriminals.

In conclusion, one can run their favorite games and fix errors related to DLL files easily. However, it is vital to understand why these errors occur. A simple understanding of the same always helps the user in clarifying the error with much ease.