Get Help With Hurricane Ian

Are you a victim of Hurricane Ian and do not know where to start and get your life back to track with the loss you’ve incurred? Well, life is simpler for you with the guidance of professional attorneys. Our attorney is ready to help with a Hurricane Ian Insurance Claim to seek compensation from your insurance company while following legal and the correct procedure.

Our attorneys will help in:

  • Establishing settlement figures
  • Insurance claims which are hard to establish
  • Acting as a mediator in disagreements between beneficiaries and insurance adjusters.

How Can Our Attorney Be of Help?

That said, it’ll be best if you find the right attorney to handle your case in the right way. How will you get the right attorney to handle your case? You can find views of customers served by the attorney firm on its platform or seek advice from well-served people. 

The right attorney has the skills and understands the law to help you get the right to compensation. Here is a list of the tasks we do in case we decide to work with you:

  • Revisit the scene to get any left-out evidence
  • Collect all the evidence to help in building a compensation claim
  • Approach your insurance company and present the claim
  • Act as an adjuster and negotiate the compensation with insurance company lawyers
  • Act as a mediator in case there is a misunderstanding between the adjuster and the beneficiary
  • Determine the settlement figures following the loss incurred.

What Can You Be Compensated for After Hurricane Ian?

A Hurricane Ian damage attorney can help you get compensated for the loss and damages incurred. Some compensations to expect include:

  • Damaged windows and doors
  • Roof damage
  • Interior and exterior damages of your home
  • Cost of relocations like hotel, food, clothes, or apartments
  • And many others.

To build a stronger claim on your behalf, our team of experts will help identify any recoverable expense and all repair costs of your property that you suffered because of the Hurricane.

How Long After Hurricane Ian Should You File a Compensation Claim?

Statute of limitation refers to the time limit you’re eligible to file a lawsuit after Hurricane Ian damaged your property. In Florida, you’re eligible to file the claim within two years of the damage suffered after Hurricane Ian. Beyond this period, you’re not legally allowed to file the insurance claim.

Additionally, most insurance companies have their policies stating the time limit in which you should notify them about the damage you suffer after Hurricane Ian. It’s wise to revisit the insurance policies and know the time limit to submit the claim.

Take Action

We understand the challenges you’re experiencing. Therefore, we are here to help you recover from the damages you experienced. Our firm will take all legal procedures to help you get the right to compensation. Contact us if you or your loved one experience hurricane Ian. Our attorneys are ready to help relieve the burden.