4 Signs of Methamphetamine Abuse That Indicate the Need for a Drug Detox Center

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Methamphetamine is a drug that has been around for decades. It is very addictive, and when someone abuses it, they may start to show signs of drug abuse in their appearance and behavior. Suppose you suspect drug abuse, monitor physical and behavioral changes.

If these signs worsen or continue to progress without any other explanation, your loved one needs professional help, and you should contact a drug detox center immediately.

Here are four signs of methamphetamine abuse that mean you need to call the drug detox center.

Physical Changes

A drug abuser does not always change physically. But if there is a sudden and significant weight loss or gain, it can indicate methamphetamine abuse. This could be due to the drug’s appetite suppressant properties that may cause users to lose their cravings for food while on meth.

Changes in appearance and hygiene can also be a good indicator of methamphetamine addiction. Drug addicts addicted to methamphetamine look like they have been on a drug binge for days or even months, which is not an exaggeration if one becomes accustomed to the drug’s effects. Their faces appear gaunt or sunken-in due to weight loss from malnutrition caused by appetite suppressants that could lead them to stop eating altogether during meth binges.

Their skin can also pale because these users don’t expose themselves to sunlight while under the influence.

Repetitive Behavior

Methamphetamine addicts often display repetitive actions such as picking at skin, pulling hair, and biting lips and nails. They do this in an attempt to stop themselves from feeling sick by stimulating nerve endings. They will also grind teeth incessantly, leading to excessive tooth wear over time, which requires expensive dental treatments later on.

Drug detox is necessary to help drug abusers break the drug’s mental, physical, and emotional hold on them when you spot such repetitive behavior. Remember that you need to take control of the situation before it escalates.

Nosebleeds & Bruising

As with most drugs of use, chronic users deal with nosebleeds and bruising. The drug’s effects on blood vessels can cause them to burst, which results in these two symptoms.

Nosebleeds are more likely when the drug is snorted or smoked. They may also occur when the drug abuser uses their teeth to scrape off pieces of meth from glass pipes used for smoking. Instead of using metal screens inside the bowl as other users, they injure themselves while inhaling large quantities at once.

Bruising occurs because methamphetamine abusers lack proper nutrition due to appetite suppressants caused by drug use. This leads to hooliganism during fits of violence triggered by drug-induced paranoia, which they experience during meth binges.

Mood Swings

In the drug detox center, patients have to be closely monitored for mood swings. This is a common sign of methamphetamine abuse as it causes changes in brain chemistry that can also affect sleep patterns and appetite. Methamphetamine users will often go through bursts of energy followed by periods where they feel tired or depressed. These symptoms will lead them back to using meth if their drug rehab program cannot provide adequate support during this period.

Now that you know the common signs of meth addiction protect your loved ones from this predicament. Take the right step today and call the rehab center.