5 things to do when booking door to door transport

While door to door transport is the standard way of transporting a vehicle, its default nature can be changed to several different factors. Today, we’ll be discussing what carrier platforms such as USTrans.com recommend that all clients should do before booking door to door transport in the US.

The great luxury of modern life

We live in an era where convenience is all around us, so much so that we almost don’t remember what it was like before it was available. Nowadays, you can have your car shipped straight from your door, to another address, however, it’s not always as simple as you might think – here’s what you need to know before you book.

Make sure there’s enough space

You’ve probably seen those big, long vehicle transport trailers being towed by a semi-truck, imagine having that turn at your suburban home, navigating those narrow streets. Most transport companies use those types of vehicle transport trailers – called an open carrier, to get the most out of a single trip – the more cars are on it, the better for the carrier and yourself.

One of the things which you should seriously consider when booking a door to door transport, is whether or not a vehicle of that size can maneuver wherever you are. If not, you should think of another location, like a parking lot, where the truck can safely and easily maneuver the trailer for a safe vehicle pickup.

Make sure the vehicle is running

Another vital thing is to make sure that the vehicle is operational. This is easy enough to do when you are in possession of the vehicle, however, it’s quite difficult to give a reassurance when you’re a distance, like when you’ve just bought the vehicle at an auction and you are having it transported to your personal address.

In cases where you have access to the vehicle, put gas in the tank, make sure the steering is working, charge the battery and test the breaks. All of this will make the transport job a lot easier on the carrier, making you one of their favorite customers – consider all of the other vehicles they have to pickup.

Have enough space on delivery

Having enough space for the drop-off is also quite important – if you are at the end of the transport location, then you should, again, consider the dimensions of the trailer which is driving your vehicle. This is quite vital for the safety and easy of transport of your particular vehicle – no narrow streets, inner city locations or cul-de-sacs 

Provide a protective cover for the vehicle

Getting a protective cover will not only provide protection for the surface of the vehicle, but it will also make the transport job a lot easier. Along with that, you should also take photos of the vehicle before it goes onto the transporter, in order to provide evidence to the carrier if any damage occurs on it during transit.

Remove all personal items

In order to reduce the chance of major inconvenience, such as personal item theft, it’s highly recommended that you remove all personal items from within the vehicle. Any items which must remain in the vehicle, should be stowed away in a box, in the trunk so they don’t get in the way of the carrier.