7 Ways Technology Can Help You to Succeed in Your Career

Technology is now integral to most people’s careers, and yet many people do not know how to make the most of it. If you are struggling to boost your career and are desperate to do so, using technology could be the answer to your career troubles. This guide collates the best ways that technology can help you to succeed in the workplace and beyond.

1.    Online Degrees

One of the most direct ways that technology can help you succeed in your career is by allowing you to get the qualifications you need to meet job requirements and specialize in your field. Many people are put off from getting the qualification they need because they will have to travel far to get this, or they will have to give up their current job to study. However, technology now allows you to enjoy the best of work and education simultaneously through online degrees, which allow you to study and even complete assessments from anywhere in the world, including your own home. If you are interested in breaking into the business world, you should consider taking an MSC Digital Marketing course, which can help you to get to grips with both the most modern marketing methods and analytics. You can even apply what you have learned straight to your job, with most online courses being part-time.

2.    Job Search Websites

You should also consider using technology to help you to succeed in your career right from the get-go by using job search websites. Job search websites can be used by both those just starting their careers and those in their fields for a long time. They can be used to find jobs that are not advertised in physical spaces, and you might not otherwise have heard about. When you are using a job search website, you can even set alerts on certain companies or searches to make sure that you never miss a new job opportunity as they appear. You can also use the filters to make sure that you are only shown relevant positions, which can prevent you from having to browse through a lot of jobs that you are not right for before finding your perfect one. Many even allow you to contact employers directly or to apply for multiple jobs quickly through fast-apply options.

3.    Digital Networking Events

Using technology to succeed in your career is also worth it as it can allow you to attend numerous events without having to travel across the country to attend these. The COVID-19 pandemic has made digital events more common, and yet, if you finesse your networking skills, they can be just as useful for professionals as their physical counterparts. However, if you decide to commit to digital networking, you should make sure that you do not stop networking in the real world, as nothing quite beats face-to-face interaction.

4.    Business Social Media

Whether you run a small business or are looking for your next big career move, business social media platforms could be the right tool to use. Anyone who is anyone is on social media, especially on platforms like LinkedIn, and so signing up to these can allow you to be in the same space as all of your professional idols. As well as being able to view their content, you will be able to get their contact information and communicate with them directly. This can then help you make meaningful connections that are useful to your career, especially in terms of getting advice, which can lead to many different opportunities in the future.

5.    Online Guides

You will not be an expert at everything or know everything about your industry before you decide to look for jobs in it, even if you have a lot of qualifications behind you. This means that online guides can be incredibly useful to you as they can allow you to gain insight into your industry and the latest developments and help you learn new skills that you can quickly put into practice. As well as this, you may be able to find online guides about your specific career choice that will help you to glean whether it is the right option for you.

You can also use technology to research the companies that you want to work for. This can allow you to read more about how they are run, what they do, and their mission. You may also be able to find out information about the jobs that they have open by visiting the careers section of their websites.

6.    Productivity Apps

Later in your career, though, technology can still be helpful to you. The best productivity apps can be useful to many professionals, especially if you struggle to stop procrastinating and to work efficiently and effectively. You can get productivity apps that do everything from help you to dictate communications, take notes, and allow you to track your habits in the hopes that you may be able to change them. In short, productivity apps can help you to meet deadlines and impress your manager by ensuring that you always do your best work. They do this by making your work easier and less frustrating to perform.

7.    Organization Apps

Lastly, the right organization apps might be the type of tech you need if you want to succeed in your career. Organization apps can help you to manage multiple different projects at once, keep track of your deadlines, and create to-do lists. Some of these take the form of a calendar, which will ensure that you never miss a meeting again, while others allow you to set alarms that can spur you into action or remind you of important tasks that you need to perform. Organization is key to your ability to get a promotion and to progress, and if this is not your strong point, organization apps can help you to stay on track wherever you are so that you can maximize your productivity.