Australia – Where Tradition And Modernity Meet

Australia was my dream destination. When I was planning a trip with my friends last year, we agreed to visit Australia. We had booked Delta Flights To Australia and finally boarded the plant on time and left for the country. There is nothing that will not amaze you. The continent offers everything from historical landmarks to modern structures. We were fascinated by the numerous natural wonders of this place, like its unique wildlife, coral reefs, islands, deserts, and much more.

Various water sports activities made our visit more adventurous and fun with other activities. The months of September and October are the best to plan a trip here as the temperature is bearable with low humidity and many festivals take place in this period. The most exciting part about booking a flight with delta airlines is that it involves a simplified procedure that is time-saving.

Best places to visit in Australia

During our stay in Australia, we witnessed great places and created unforgettable memories. If we had not scored Delta Airlines Cheap Flights to Australia, we had to skimp on a few things. Well, we were destined to witness the magnificent beauty of Australia and incredible archeological sights. Please take a look at some of the best places we visited during our stay in Australia.

1. Great Barrier Reef

This beautiful natural place is located off the coast of Queensland in the Coral Sea. Spread over an area of more than 344000 square kilometers, it consists of 900 islands and 2900 individual reefs and supports a wide diversity of marine life. The place is a popular tourist attraction with facilities for boat trips, cruises, and helicopter rides. Diving and snorkeling are the watersport activities one can engage in. In case you are planning to spend a night surrounded by the reefs, there are also several island resorts to stay in.

2. Great Ocean Road

The Great Ocean Road is an escape to the hectic city life. It is a 243 kilometers long road stretching between the Torquay and Allansford cities. It was built during the years 1919 to 1932 by the soldiers returning from World War I. There are plenty of sights along the route. You can visit a beach or hike through a rainforest during the ride. The most popular site among tourists here is the 12 Apostles, a collection of cliffs and a fantastic sunrise and sunset point.

3. Darling Harbour

It is a large recreational area situated near Sydney, South Wales. This mini-city is famous for its variety of sightseeing places, shops, and restaurants. Madame Tussauds, famous for the wax figures of renowned celebrities, is situated inside the Darling Harbour. Other sightseeing places include Australian National Maritime Museum, Sea Life Sydney Aquarium, and much more. The harbor buzzes after sunset with the glittering lights and increased crowd. Many shows, music videos, and movie sections had also been filmed in this place.

4. Taronga Zoo

Opened in 1916, it is Australia’s largest zoo covering an area of 28 hectares. The zoo is divided into eight geographic regions with more than 4000 animals belonging to 350 species. There are seals, elephants, gorillas, chimps, and other animals and birds. The cafes and restaurants in the zoo offer a variety of food options. Use the cable car to explore the zoo best and view the animals from a safe distance.

5. Sydney Tower

It is an iconic building designed by the architect Donald Crone standing at the height of 309 meters. The structure consists of a restaurant, a function hall, an observation deck, etc. The observation deck is located on the top section and offers a birds-eye view of the city. Recently, a 4-D Cinema was also opened on the top floor to enhance the experience of visitors.

Apart from these, you can also visit other places including Port Jackson Bay, Bondi Beach, Sydney Harbour Bridge, Uluru, Three Sisters Walk, The Pinnacles Desert, Sea World, etc. Thanks to the Delta Flights To Australia, travelers can easily book their flight tickets and explore this “thirsty continent.” So, if you plan to spend a few days in Australia, it is a good idea to book flights with Delta Airline.

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