Benefits of making your own plan with Airtel Black’s custom plan feature

Customization is the new trend. Everyone likes to have something that is specially designed for them, whether it’s a shampoo, apparel or even your mobile plan. That’s why Airtel Black – the premium all-in-one service by Airtel, comes with an option to make your own plan.

What Is Airtel Black’s Custom Plan?

Airtel Black smartly combines Mobile, Fiber and DTH plans into a single consolidated bill. It comes with a range of fixed plans. The price range for these plans start from Rs 998 and go up to Rs 2099. These plans offer various combinations of the best Broadband, TV and phone deals.

Meanwhile, the Airtel Black Custom Plan offers the customers an opportunity to customize and make their own plan. This is perfect for anyone who isn’t happy with the fixed plans and wants to customize their own with more services. With this option, they can also combine their whole family’s plans into a single bill.

Benefits Of Customizing Your Airtel Black Plan

Making your own Airtel Black plan comes with a wide range of benefits. Some of it can be availed even with the fixed plans, while some are exclusive to the custom plan. Check out the top benefits of making your own plan:

  • Flexibility & Freedom To Choose

The most important benefit of the Airtel Black custom plan is flexibility. Apart from the best Broadband, TV and phone deals available, it also gives you the freedom to choose your own services and build a customized plan of your own.

  • One Bill & One Call Center

With all your services combined into One Bill, you don’t have to worry about keeping track of multiple payment cycles anymore. Meanwhile, you can also get your queries related to Airtel Black resolved at the One Call Center number that’s especially provided for this purpose.  So, no more calling on multiple numbers for your various services.

  • Dedicated Relationship Team

While choosing the Airtel Black custom plan, you also get a dedicated relationship team that constantly works to make your experience a better one.

  • 30 days free

You can combine any new service of choice with your existing plans to create an Airtel Black custom plan and you can enjoy the first 30 days of the said service, absolutely free.

  • Priority Resolution

With the One Call Center and Dedicated Relationship team at your service, all your queries will be resolved on priority. Priority Resolution is available for both custom and fixed plans.

  • Call Pick-up In 60 Seconds

Forget about long wait times on customer care calls, as your calls will be picked up in 60 seconds or less. If by any chance, your call is not answered within the said time, you’d get a call back on priority to resolve your query.

  • Free Service Visits

Every Airtel Black customer gets free service visits for a lifetime, saving them a lot of money.

  • Buy Now & Pay Later

You can buy any service from the Airtel Shop and it will get added to your Airtel Black bill for you to pay it at the end of your next billing cycle.

How To Customize Your Own All-in-one Plan?

Want to know how to make your own customized Airtel Black plan? Just follow these simple steps and your custom plan will be ready in no time:

  • Go to or click on the Airtel Black banner on the Airtel Thanks app.
  • Scroll down and click on the “Create Plan” button below the “Create your own plan” section.
  • Now enter your Airtel Postpaid number to get the OTP.
  • Enter the OTP and choose additional services to combine.

(You have to at least add one or more plans to make an Airtel Black custom plan.)

  • Now proceed and confirm your plan to start enjoying the benefits of an Airtel Black custom plan.