Event Agencies: Essential Tips to Choose the Best One

When a matter is crucial, the safest thing is to leave it in the hands of professionals; be it your SEO positioning or the celebration of that meeting that will make history in your company. Event agencies exist to guarantee that an act like that goes well.

The organization of events in the capital is going through a good streak: it is a market that is being joined by more and more experts and in which diversification and creativity have become aspects that make a difference.

With so many event organization companies, how do you find the best event marketing firm?

Keys to choosing the best event agency

Many event agencies claim to be leaders in the sector, but experience and good practices always speak louder than the slogan on a corporate website.

To know if you should bet on an event company, it is best to determine if they meet this series of essential requirements.

1. Flexibility and customization

Event companies usually prepare a briefing in which they reflect the particularities, preferences and needs of each client.

This document is the guideline that guides the creation, production and celebration of unique and personalized events that the public will remember forever.

Personalized attention and flexibility on the part of an event agency are the necessary ingredients to carry out events tailored to your company.

2. Experience

Previous experience is a vital aspect in choosing the best event agency, as it ensures several points that it is dangerous to take for granted before hiring their services:

  • A good network of contacts. Catering, lighting, music … Or the personal telephone of the owner of that conference room that would be perfect for your event.
  • Know-how. A style of his own when doing things, based on his successes and failures.
  • Ability to manage different types of events. Most likely, the most experienced event agencies have already organized celebrations of all kinds before, from conferences to team building for companies.

3. Qualified staff

The staff of the events company determines that the act goes well or badly. The more you can delegate to the agency staff and trust their judgment, the less time you will have to invest in matters such as the selection of snacks or the content of the gift bags.

“One piece of advice: look at the image offered by the staff. A careful and professional appearance is usually a sign that you are dealing with experts, since they care a lot about the image they give to their clients”

It will be a wise choice to choose protocol hostesses for your event; they will improve its image and bring more seriousness and formality to the event.

4. Success stories

If companies larger than yours have trusted any of the event companies that interest you, then you are on the right track.

Take a look at the portfolio of each event agency and choose one that has worked with high-caliber companies.

5. Creativity

Do you want your event to be memorable or just a photocopy of what everyone else does?

Creativity is not just for graphic designers: a good event planner will find a way for the public to enjoy the event. The most imaginative companies usually propose themed parties, original decoration or activities far from the typical.

6. Sustainability

Respect for the environment is not usually a priority for event agencies. However, if your company is committed to sustainability, your events should be the most palpable example of your green philosophy.

Event agency or communication agency?

As we said at the beginning of the post, diversification is a trend among marketing and communication agencies. This can lead you to doubt when choosing the organizer of your event: is specialization or experience in other fields of communication better?

The answer will depend on the type of event you do. For example, a digital agency could manage a technology fair wonderfully.

Other communication and marketing companies can take advantage of their experience in public relations for events that require these types of skills, such as presenting a product.

On the other hand, some event companies offer complete services and have made an effort to integrate digital into the events they organize.

In conclusion, it may also be a good idea to have a digital agency to hold an event.

Of course, investigate the trajectory that these agencies have in organizing events!