Five WordPress User’s Mistakes that Most Site Owners Make

When you design a new WordPress website, mistakes are bound to happen. However, it is essential to know that these mistakes can be a learning opportunity and help you grow further. As long as we have been in the running, we have helped several thousands of brands and companies to commence their WordPress blog or website. In this attempt to start your website and helping others, we have found out that there are some common errors that website owners usually make. Avoiding these mistakes can help you save money, time and ensure a smooth run for your business. This article will discuss some of the common WordPress mistakes that you should avoid with your WordPress website. Let us address them one by one.

1. Overpaying 

To get your website up and running, you should have a web hosting platform and a domain name. However, so many website owners find themselves in a trap and spend money on unnecessary features, which they do not even need.

‘The challenge that most WordPress site owners face is that the domain registrars tend to upsell you in the name of additional services. Most of the time, these services are not even needed. Consequently, they end up paying more for nothing,’ comments David, an educator who offers assignment help Sydney services.

We agree with what David just stated here. See, if you have not been through the process before, you may think that a few of the add ons that come with your hosting or domain services are mandatory, as they are pitched so well. Some such things include boosted security, enhanced privacy, and extra email accounts.

Given the situation, in most cases, the extras are not even needed, especially when you are just starting out. So, save that money, and instead spend the money on your website’s other vital features or save that money for other aspects of the business. Even though it does not seem like a lot of money, it may accumulate over time, especially when the payout is monthly.

If you are only blogging, you do not have to pay more than ten times that price for a supposed e-commerce plan, only thinking of selling something a few years from now. Please know, whenever required, you can upgrade your plan. So, do not overpay in the present.

2. Selecting the wrong platform

‘A common mistake that most businesses make when starting out is picking the wrong platform for blogging,’ points out Jessica, a Website developer for TAE, a platform where you can find the statistics homework help services

See, there are two key platforms in WordPress. One is, a blog hosting platform, and the second is, a self-hosted WordPress platform that people love.

We recommend you begin with as it provides you access to all the features you need.

3. Not securing your website 

You do not have to be a developer to understand or acknowledge the fact that your website is susceptible to all kinds of attacks. Of course, the platform, in itself, is pretty secure and solid to work with. However, there are some steps that you have to take to ensure that your website is well protected against the different threats. It holds for both your business website or the site you design for your client. Do ensure that you are aware of the prevalent WordPress security practices and keep your website safe and secure.

4. Not taking a backup

The problem is a lot of people believe – ‘It is a new site. I barely have any content posted. So, why do I need a backup? I can backup anytime I want. What’s the rush?’

As we said, this is the problem and another one of the key mistakes that a lot of WordPress site owners make.

‘Not taking a backup can cost you little money, a lot of money, and in the worst-case scenarios, everything that you have,’ states Ruby, an online chemistry tutor 

We agree with Ruby on this as there have been a plethora of spine-chilling stories of content curators and bloggers who have lost thousands of dollars of money only because they postponed a backup.

Securing and scheduling a backup is indeed one of your primary responsibilities as a webmaster. So, do not ever overlook it.

5. Ignoring the WordPress Updates

Unfortunately, there is still an umpteen number of WordPress site owners who operate their websites on an outdated version.

Do you know what’s excuse they give for it? They believe that updating their WordPress website to the newest version will break the website. Hence, they hold on to old themes and plugins only because the developers do not feel the need to update. WordPress gets several exciting features and updates every few months, and its wall only gets more robust in terms of security. Please understand that if the updates were not mandatory, we would never have had the WordPress we love and know of today. Generally speaking, the security loopholes and outdated features go hand in hand. If you do not update your website to the latest version, it is you who is to be blamed if your website is hacked.

So, these are the five prevalent mistakes that Website site owners make. Bear in mind, and avoid them at all costs.