How to Find the Right Company for a Solar Panel Roof Installation

In an effort to become more sustainable and eco-friendly, an increasing amount of US homeowners is gradually moving towards renewable sources of energy.

The main one? Solar power, of course.

Installing solar power in your home is one of the best, easiest, and most durable ways to save energy, cut your emissions, and even increase your property values.

But when it comes to solar panel roof installation, what exactly should you look for in the right company? Keep reading as we’ll reveal the three most important features you should consider.

1. Experience and Reputation

First of all, you’ll want your solar panel installer to demonstrate that they have been in the industry long enough to know all there is to know about safe, efficient, and effective solar panel installation.

Bonus points go to those companies that have also been present in your local area for many years. This, in fact, demonstrates that they are professional, reliable, and committed.

Speaking of reliability, another great idea is to ask for references. These can be provided either by the installer directly, or you can have a look online and try to dig out some customer reviews.

Reading customer reviews or asking for references will help you identify a top solar company.

The good, old word of mouth, in fact, is still a fantastic tactic to use when selecting a home improvement company — the main difference is that today, it has gone digital!

2. Licenses and Insurance

Both for legal reasons and for your own peace of mind, it’s crucial that your solar panel company holds all the required licenses and insurance.

In particular, you’ll want to check that your installer is MSC-accredited, and that they are a member of the Renewable Energy Assurance Limited (REAL), or the Solar Trade Association (STA).

This applies both to the company that you are hiring, and to any potential sub-contracting companies that they might be working with.

3. Home Inspection

Last but not least, another important aspect to consider when choosing the right solar panel installation company is whether or not they are willing to perform a home inspection prior to installing your solar panels.

A serious, professional, and reputable provider, in fact, will always agree to this (when they are not suggesting it themselves in the first place). Beware of those companies that refuse to visit your home ahead of the installation, as this shows poor expertise, care, and quality.

Go Ahead With Your Solar Panel Roof Installation Safely and Efficiently

If you were wondering how to select the best company for your solar panel roof installation, then hopefully our guide has helped.

Remember to always consider an installer’s expertise as well as their customer references, check that they are licensed and insured, and ask them to perform a home visit beforehand.

If your solar panel installing company ticks all these boxes, you have found a good one!

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