Jalshamoviez 2021 – Hollywood and Bollywood Movie Download Illegal Website

The Jalshamoviez HD online platform offers a large number of movies, web series, and TV shows from all genres and countries: as the video content is available in 1200+ languages. 

Jalshamoviez.in is widely renowned and popular in major countries across the globe such as India, France, Germany, the United Kingdom, the United States, and others.

Jalshamoviez 2021

Because after the inception of Netflix and Prime Video, where watching movies over the OTT platforms has become the latest fad, this is where JalshamoviezHD comes into the picture.  Also, there is a huge demand worldwide for the latest TV/web series and movies which are releasing on the OTT platforms every day. Gone are the days, where you have to wait for months to get a glimpse of the latest Hollywood and Bollywood movies. But now you can stream online the latest movies at Jalshamoviez.in. 

People of all age groups could able to stream online to watch their favorite movies, TV series, cartoons, web series, and all other video content. If language is a barrier for you, you can get access to subtitles in your native language that allows you to consume all sorts of video content. 

Also to access Jalshamoviez HD online movie platform there is no subscription fee. However, there is a restriction to access the Jalshamoviez HD movie portal as they promote piracy, which makes it illegal by all means, here is the list of sites that allows you to explore for free – 

1 Jalshamoviez 

1.1 Pros and Cons of Jalshamoviez:

1.1.1 Pros:

1.1.2 Cons:

1.2 Jalshamoviez HD – Watch the movies online

1.3 Best Alternatives of Jalshamoviez.in: 

1.3.1 1.Subsmovies:

1.3.2 2. Kat video:

1.3.3 3. MXMovieHub:

1.3.4 4. ChillzMovies.PK:

1.3.5 5. MovieSpaceX

1.3.6 6. 300MB Movie Hub:

1.3.7 7.Moviemaniac

1.3.8 8. PopcornPrimeVideo:

1.4 Conclusion:


Initially, Jalshamoviez.in portal launched in the year 2011 in India along with 137 countries worldwide. JalshamoviezHD used to cross at least 10 Million visits daily since it was launched into the Indian domain. 

After few days JalshamoviezHD proxies came into the limelight as many users were complaining of error while streaming or geographic restrictions. The site was also taken down multiple times due to the complaints lodged by the filmmakers and producers about the piracy.

Many of the users migrated to this site JalshamoviezHD USA to stream online.

To offer much better services to the visitors, Jalshamovie has introduced and launched many extensions. 

So there is no guarantee that how consistent would be the performance of the Jalshamoviez HD movie portal. In this post, we would give you the alternate substitute of the Jalshamovie HD e website. Please note these are the latest and active movie streaming platforms of 2021 and are widely consumed all over the world. Before streaming the movies online, I request you to use the Virtual Proxy Network.

Pros and Cons of Jalshamoviez HD:


  1. You will get high definition quality print of all video content
  2. Access to subtitles in 15000+ languages
  3. 32,000 + collection of latest TV/web series and movies
  4. Attractive and easy-to-navigate user interface layout
  5. Latest movie genre and titles every week


  1. Uneven server down problem
  2. Digital Ad interruption

Jalshamoviez Proxy – Watch the movies online

The main reason behind the discontinuation of Jalshamoviez is an illegal promotion for piracy movie content, plus the complaints of phishing attacks at the user’s end. 

To enjoy those sites without compromising your privacy and safety, there is a simple trick. By using this trick you can use the above site without any problem.

For streaming the applications online it is better to use the Virtual Private Network VPN which provides the best and safe environment. VPN acts as a connection between you and the public website. You cannot check and monitor all your activities, service providers if you are not having any access to the tunnel.

Jalshamoviez HD -Watch Free Movies Online – Best Jalshamoviez Alternatives

All the online streaming applications will give pop-up ads and notifications. I request you not to click on the ads because doing this may infect your Mobile phone or computer.

Best Alternatives of Jalshamoviez.in:

The lists of the best alternatives of the Jalshamoviez HD are – 

  • Subsmovies
  • Kat video
  • MXMovieHub
  • ChillzMovies.PK
  • MovieSpaceX
  • 300MB Movie Hub
  • Moviemaniac
  • PopcornPrimeVideo


This is similar to the Youthmovies, Kickassmoviez, and NetflixLocker. You need to log in to stream any movie and video content.


  • There is a huge collection of TV shows and movies.
  • The site is very prompt and does not lag
  • The site allows you to bookmark the movies and all other video content.


  • You need to Sign Up and login every time to access any movies
  • Pop-up ads are present.


Of all the online movie streaming platforms, Katvideo is the best alternative to JalshamoviezHD and has an easy-to-navigate interface. It also holds a vast collection of movies and Hollywood series.


  • The integrated layout and the most sought after user-interface.
  • The search bar allows finding your favorite movie titles
  • Download option available.


  • Too many pop-up ads while streaming.
  • Servers remain down temporarily every Tuesday


This online movie streaming platform became an overnight success in a short span of time. This site offers you the latest collection of Web series, Hollywood Movies, and TV shows at your disposal.


  • Adblockers can help you eliminate prompt ad pop ups
  • Log in is not required.
  • There is a huge collection of shows.


  • Pop-up ads are present.


This is an online streaming application in which you can enjoy all the movies for free.

You can download the movies offline use at high speed, thus offer an excellent quality print. You can access vast genres of movies from, action, adventure, thriller, horror, comedy, and all other genres. 


  • It offers movies in HD and 4K quality.
  • Offline download options are available.
  • There is a huge collection of Hollywood and Bollywood TV Shows and movies.
  • Easy-to-navigate layout


  • Limited regional movies collection
  • Frequent Ad-pop ups
  • Temporary server down issues


It is genuinely a leading film entertainment portal and is used worldwide to access the latest Hollywood and Bollywood movies. This is the portal that allows you to download the latest PS5 games. Also, this portal allows you to download third-party generic software for your system. 


  • It offers movies in HD and 4K quality.
  • Offline download options are available.
  • There is a huge collection of Hollywood and Bollywood TV Shows and movies.
  • Easy-to-navigate layout


  • Limited regional movies collection
  • Frequent Ad-pop ups
  • Temporary server down issues

300MB MovieHub:

One of the best, popular, well-known sites to enjoy and download TV shows and Web series and has daily traffic in millions


  • Most sought-after User Interface
  • No Ad Pop-ups
  • Movies categories in various genres and other sections


  • Because of huge traffic, the server gets temporarily down every day


The most popular video among the youth and is widely preferred for software and games download too. 


  • Latest movie updates on a daily basis
  • Most updated servers and PCL encryptions
  • Over 56,000 movies and TV series titles.


  • Offline download option available to only U.S based subscribers
  • Login required at every step


This site offers all the trending movies and is an ace entertainment portal amongst all. The portal is used worldwide to access the latest Hollywood and Bollywood movies. 


  • The search toolbar exists.
  • Movie layout pages are categorized into genres and the year of origin
  • It has a vast collection of software, movies, audio, as well as all sort of video content


  • Pop up is present.
  • Ads are also present.


One of the most famous streaming sites available on the internet is Jalshamovies HD.

After the order given by the High court, it is blocked in India along with 115 countries across the globe.

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