Top 10 Golden Tips To Create An Eye-Catching Video


Can you recollect how, while scrolling aimlessly on your phone, you watched a promotional video on social media platforms and ended up buying the advertised product? Well, you are not alone. In fact, about 64% of social media users make a purchase after watching a brand’s video on their social media. After the surge of digitalization, people around the globe are spending every minute of every day on social media platforms. As per the research, 50% of the audience prefers watching intriguing brand videos to any other type of content. Isn’t this intriguing? 


But one of the obvious questions that arise is this – How to grab a share of this digital pie? Well, posting videos appears to be a cakewalk but fabricating an eye-catching video that can fetch a glut of eyeballs seems like a real grill. Creating eye-catching and actionable videos for your brand demands real-time skills and techniques. Here is the rundown of the top 10 tried and tested tips for your next mind-boggling video:


Top 10 Tips To Create An Eye-Catching Video

    1. Chalk out the planA well-planned and emotive storyline tends to win millions of hearts in no time. Thus, a thoughtful video not only gets remembered for a long time but also has the capacity to generate maximum leads in a short period. These compelling stories tend to produce neurochemicals called oxytocin in the viewer, making your brand look more trustworthy to the target audience. So plan the video thoroughly, focus on the climax, and try to captivate the audience’s mind besides their heart.
    2. Study your target audience (TG)- Simply producing a video and floating it over social media will not reap any positive results. So, before you start creating your brand video, study and research the likes and dislikes of your audience and try to identify their pain points. Address those pain points in your video so that your audience can resonate with it and get tempted to click on the CTA. It will help uncover the needs and motivations of your audience and the factors that determine their buying behavior. 
    3. Make the first 10 seconds count –  There is an old adage that the first impression is the last impression. It still holds true in this case. And you are vying for the attention of a generation who has an attention span that lasts 10 seconds. If the brand grabs attention in this time frame, then it’s a success! Try to start with out-of-the-box visuals and ideas that your audience gets affixed to, and it should tempt the audience to watch the complete video in one go. Try to remember the philosophy of David Ogilvy about keeping it simple but memorable. 
    4. Use the best online video editor – We all agree that it takes a ton of time and skill to create professional-looking videos. But using an online video editor not only facilitates the process but also saves time and effort. Try to look for an editor that comes with an extensive library of video templates that are easy to use and that can add a VO (voice-over), or use the tool’s built-in text-to-speech technology. 
  • Focus on Keywords- One of the most overlooked and underrated aspects of video creation is the video’s title, description, and tags. Incorporate all the associated keywords and phrases in your video. Keywords help to improve SERP and the SEO process. Some key points to remember – 
  • Video titles should consist of 50-60 words. 
  • Descriptions should include keywords. 
  • Create at least five tags for each video.
    1. Create square videos over landscape video- Square size videos tend to garner more screen space, more engagement, more watch time, and more action such as comments, likes, and shares. Do you know why? Because it gets fit easily on social media platforms, is easier to view on a smartphone screen, and has a better accessibility rate. All you need to do is change the frame size from 1920×1080 to 1080×1080. With this, make some adjustments in visuals and take special care to check that the video does not get pixelated. 
    2. Work on motions- Motions means adding movements and speed to your video to stimulate the viewer’s brain. Videos with constant movement tend to make the video more appealing and engaging. Use scale and positions & effects to add motions to your video. Unique objects in motion can entice more eyeballs and captivate the audience’s attention to the video.
    3. Capture different angles- Make your viewers watch what they can’t see from their naked eye. Make your video from a different angle than what is perceived as normal. In a nutshell, make the best use of eye-level shot, low-angle shot, high-angle shot, hip-level shot, knee-level shot, ground-level shot, shoulder-level shot and dutch-angle shot. Make each angle count!
  • Keep it original- It is important to follow the trends, but do not copy the style of videos of other brands. Today, most brands tend to mimic each other’s ideas and storylines. Here, the originality gets sacrificed and lost in the sea of sameness. In the world of digitalization, original content is a non-negotiable component. It amplifies the online visibility and goodwill of your brand. Even Google’s hummingbird update favors original and trustworthy content. Here, originality means something that is not available on online domains. Google crawlers always look for creative and real content. It helps to place your video at the top of Google Search and, if the content passes the plagiarism test, the content is considered novel and creative.
  • BTS matters- BTS or Behind-the-scene footage adds spice to the video. Today, videos with short behind-the-scenes footage at the end of the video catches the attention from viewers and motivates them to watch the video till the end. The most classic examples of this type of video are the BTS from our all-time favorite show, F.R.I.E.N.D.S.

Wrapping Up 

Follow the tips mentioned above to create videos that will have your audience glued to their screen. Besides this, focus on your key strategy to market your video and get maximum leads. We at InVideo help people create awesome video content in less than 10 minutes. The biggest benefits of creating stunning videos with InVideo are that it’s quick, easy, and affordable.