What Is The Best Online Java Course – [ You Must Know]

Today’s digital world is running with cloud computing and many top cloud service providers like Google, Amazon, and Microsoft support the Java programming language for application development. It is widely used in the promising field of the Internet of Things that is set to grow exponentially in the future with the deployment of 5G. It is also present in the embedded systems through the Java Card solution.

Java is still popular as it makes it possible to do everything right with a very wide range of possibilities. It is widely used in companies and ranked the most popular language by The TIOBE index many times. It is easy to learn and has a large number of free resources available for training. Being an object-oriented, imperative, ultra-popular, and open-source language, objects in Java contain no reference to data external to themselves. Java is still the first choice of several organizations with strong community support. One of the biggest reasons for Java’s popularity is the platform independence. As long as the computer has JRE (Java Routine Environment) installed, programs can run on many different types of computers.

Java is a relevant programming language that has no signs of declining in usage and popularity and is worth learning. Reliable Java training in Noida can help you learn the basics to advanced concepts of the language. This article will tell you about some of the popular courses to learn Java and become an expert Java professional.

Top Online Courses To Learn Java

Several companies, individuals, and governments are using Java to run their systems and programs smoothly. So it is beneficial to learn it from reputed and top-ranked service providers that can help you to become a successful java expert. Mentioned below are some of the courses you can opt for.

  • Java Certification Training Course By Simplilearn- This course can teach you java programming including aspects such as SOA, Core Java, Java 8, J2EE, Java EE, JDBC architecture, Spring Frameworks, and JUnite. It also answers J2EE interview questions, Core Java interview questions, and many other java-based questions. The course involves 60 hours of applied learning and 35 coding-related exercises on Core Java 8.
  • Object-Oriented Programming in Java Specialization by Coursera- It is a new course for those developers who have experience with languages such as JavaScript, Python, C, and more. It helps in solving complex problems via object-oriented java programming knowledge. It also gives knowledge through the two Java development environments that are BlueJ and Eclipse. It also helps you build new programs using the graphical user interface or GUI and designing of programs with a high amount of data.
  • The Complete Java Masterclass by Udemy- It is the most popular course that involves vital information for java developers. It provides in-depth knowledge for the concept of Multithreading, OOP, Java Collections, Core Java Fundamentals, Java Collections, Java 8, Networking, and Java 9. Eclipse and Maven are also taught that are essential to understand java development through relevant reading materials and thousands of articles. It offers you 72 hours of training material and helps you learn all major things a Java developer should know.
  • Java Programming For Complete Beginners- It is the newest and most up-to-date course from Udemy that offers you tools like JShell introduced in Java 9 to learn to program in java. It covers topics such as Java basics, Multithreading and concurrency, Java Collections, Generics, file Handling, Functional Programming Networking, and exception handling. Once you are enrolled in the course you will have free lifetime access to all its chapters and associated materials.
  • Java Fundamentals by Pluralsight- This course delivers knowledge about java language from basics to core level concepts. It covers topics such as basics of java, Class, error handling, Files, data types, object, and other core java topics. It also offers in-depth knowledge about servers to gain the required information to get appropriate jobs for applying client-side and server-side developments. With this course, you can get access to the huge database, articles, and videos that will add skills and share experiences. It also offers a high-level of expertise to deliver quality education to the attendees.
  • Java Programming: Solving Problems with Software by Coursera- This course is designed to deliver education to code in java so that the programming and problem-solving skills can be added to the candidates. It also includes knowledge of design algorithms as well as develop and debug programs accordingly. It is helpful in transforming images, websites, and other data using java. This certification course is ideal for intermediate and expert level attendees and can improve their skills in problem-solving in the java language.

All these courses are specially designed to help you become a great java developer and further get ahead to achieve a highly paid full stack java developer designation. Depending on your prior coding knowledge, you can take either a Beginner course or an Advanced Java course to meet your career goals.

Bottom Line

You have gone through some of the best courses of java that can be selected as per your ease,  requirement, and professional level. Grab the opportunity to learn java language right from scratch to pro levels. All these courses are available online and can be compared on the basis of course material, price, duration, of course, a period of time, and other factors. There are a lot of career-changing opportunities for java developers and once you know java, you will be in high demand. So learning java is an opportunity to grow your career and reach more ambitious designations.

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