What to Know about the Australian Shepherd Breeds

Australian Shepherds originally came from the United States and not from Australia, despite their name. They were popular around the time of the Gold Rush, where their primary role was to herd livestock. To this day, these pets still remain working dogs in nature.

Usually, you can find them in rescue villages and shelters. So, it’s best if you can adopt one if you can! These canines have the nickname “Aussie.” The Australian shepherd characteristics include being always willing to help with odd jobs around the house. In fact, they are in their best forms when they have something to do. They have the energy and intelligence that make them an excellent companion for the whole family. Their boundless vitality makes them ideal for sports and other activities.

Know that the Australian Shepherd may become slow and begin to develop arthritis as they age. It’s best to do regular check-ups with the vets, give them healthier food, and let them run around in your backyard so they can get the exercise they need. Below are the complete facts and traits about the Aussie.

Other Information about Australian Shepherds

In the past, people may see that the Australian Shepherds are rounding up sheep flocks, which might be a fantastic sight to some. They have precise and athletic movements to direct the flock to the grazing fields and back to their pens. They bark, nip, and do penetrating states that say that he’s in charge of everything.

These canines are versatile, hard-working, and intelligent. They can give you the “eye” when they don’t like what you’re doing, and they are considered to be a no-nonsense breed. They have the energy and brains that can benefit the entire family when put into good use.

If you have a flock of sheep, you can rely on the Aussie to take charge of them from time to time. However, if you don’t have farming animals, you may still need to consider adopting Australian Shepherds. You just have to keep them busy because they have high drives and energy. They are not couch potatoes, and they will not generally be happy if you leave them alone inside the house throughout the day. You can read more about Australian Shepherds in this link here: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Australian_Shepherd.

Since they have boundless energy, they need plenty of exercise. Walking around the park or neighborhood once or twice a day won’t cut it. It’s best to have a yard where they can run and work out throughout the day whenever they want.

When they don’t have a job to do, they become bored, loud, whiny, and destructive. They might also invent their own jobs, including chasing squirrels, running with cars, herding your toddler, or going to your neighbor’s yard and destroying their plants. If you don’t have the energy and time to train and walk the Aussies, they might not be the right one for you.

However, if you are an owner interested in competitive sports and contests, then Aussies are the ones to do the job. They are hard workers, and they have agility. Their natural bobbed tails are matched with others when it comes to flyball, agility, obedience, and herding competitions. They are medium-sized, which means that they can dodge obstacles that are coming their way. They are also excellent, and they have careers in search and rescue work, as police dogs and guide dogs.

You can teach your pet to help you around the house and do chores that they can handle. They can pick off dirty laundry to bring to you whenever you’re washing. However, you need to do the folding yourself though.

These are the canines that can stand out from the crowd. They are real lookers because of their amber eyes and attractive coats. They have medium-length hairs, and their eyes can vary from blue, green, yellow, or amber.

Their heritage as loyal companions is unmatched, and they can be pretty aloof to strangers. Read more about characteristics that humans can learn from dogs on this site here. They are guard dogs and will protect the family from intruders. They get along pretty well with the kids, and they will probably try to herd small children unless they were taught not to.

Your life can be one big and great adventure when it comes to the Aussie. They will play and work from sunrise until sunset. They will win your heart with their loving personalities and loyalty. They are versatile, and they are for families with a more active lifestyle.

Caring for your Pet

When you have a backyard with a secure fence all around it, then consider getting an Australian Shepherd breed. Just make sure that they can’t jump over it or dig under to escape. Most of the underground electric fences won’t work with the Aussie.

Sometimes, your pet has a strong desire to herd something and go out of your yard. They don’t usually care when they get a mild shock with an electronic fence, so this can be dangerous for him. It’s best if you could train him on a leash first so he can resist his urges.

A stimulating half-hour game that uses up his energy can be ideal. These activities may include Frisbee games and running. There are also puzzle toys for dogs that will keep them occupied a lot. Their habits of chasing and nipping are good if they are herding sheep. However, this is less than ideal if applied to your other pets and humans. You may want to curb these habits with obedience class to help them satisfy their natural desire to work. Give them rewards like food, praise, and play when they are obedient to you.