Best Neighborhoods to Look At When Searching For Austin Texas Real Estate

Austin is a budding spot for real estate with its blend of scenic views, the natural Texas Mountains and lakes, and the trendy suburban and city areas. To know which neighborhood is the best for residing in any area, there are usually a couple of factors to consider such as standards of living, amenities per capita, unemployment rate, the commute time to school and other amenities, and total crime per 100k. In light of these and more factors, here are the best neighborhoods to settle in Austin Texas:

Windsor Road

Sources such as the Austin monthly have rated this neighborhood as a top one in Austin real estate. The neighborhood covers some sights that are part of the old west Austin historic district such as Pemberton Heights and Bryker Woods. The median home price in Windsor rates at $800,000, which is a 20% increase from 2016 levels. The education system is excellent and has a peaceful enabling environment that is great for family residences. You can find homes that match your needs on the Bramlett Residential.


The amenities in Wimberley are plenty, from the Wimberley fine arts center and the Wimberley zipline adventures. There is also The Wimberley Valley Winery, which offers tasting and pairing classes. A perfect plan for a weekend out with friends. There is a farmers market and lots of upscale restaurants to enjoy meals from. The area is also very safe with low unemployment rates, that’s 3.4% and so are the crime rates in the region. There are spacious single-family homes sprawled out on large acre lots, which are great for large families.


Suburban Georgetown is a great choice for those who love the idea of community and togetherness. The Georgetown community is close-knit with a variety of buying options from single-family homes to quaint historic houses. The Victorian architecture and the landmark buildings are quite the sight to behold. There is a local palace theater with incredible shows and an art center. Lake Georgetown also offers great outdoor activities like swimming and fishing for the community.


This is one of the more affordable neighborhoods. It has a population of 9000, and the median home value stands at $350,000. Notably, 64% of the population in Allandale owns their homes with the average monthly rent standing at $1100. It is a quiet neighborhood, which also makes it perfect for family residences. It is also close to the city and that means ease of access to necessary amenities

Highland hills

This area is closer to downtown and has lots of attractions and open spaces making it a great choice for Austin Texas real estate investors. There are a lot of different variegated brick homes, which adds to the allure of the place. The atmosphere is cool and quiet due to its proximity to natural features such as creeks and wildlife. It is on the high-end of expensive neighborhoods with home prices going up as high as $700,000. The prices are worth it though because the attractions in the area are many and the public schooling system is regarded as one of the best in Austin.

Choosing the right neighborhood for you depends on what you want to achieve and what your highest priorities are. These may include being close to your workplace, your kids, schools, or a certain amenity you enjoy or is necessary for you. Either way, there are a lot of amazing neighborhoods in Austin Texas real estate to choose from to fit your personal style and aesthetic.