Important Documents Required for Health Insurance

Health insurance is an effective way to secure yourself and your loved ones from any unforeseen medical circumstances. Comprehensive health insurance aims to provide post-hospitalization expenses, day-care treatment costs, and preventive health check-ups as well. Most people look at Health insurance as a tax-saving tool but in this day and age, it’s imperative that everyone has health insurance for themselves.

Earlier, the process of acquiring health insurance was tedious and filled with documentation. The intense paperwork was a put-off for a lot of people. Now with a reduction in physical documentation, the process of availing insurance and claiming the sum assured has become much simpler. Now with everything, online soft copies can be submitted for proof and identification, broadly these are the important documents that are required for Health Insurance –

1. Identity Proof

Identity proof is a must when applying for any official purpose, when applying for Insurance policies this serves as proof to the insurer. A Voter ID, Aadhar Card, Passport, and Driving License are all acceptable.

2. Age Proof

The next essential requirement is Age proof, used to determine the entry age for the policy as most policies have a fixed entry age. It is also helpful to peg the potential health condition based on age, gender and health risk factors. A Voter ID, Aadhar Card, Passport, PAN Card, Birth Certificate, and Driving License are all acceptable.

3. Address Proof

Address proof is required for postal communication in case your insurance provider wishes to send in anything. Utility Bills (Electricity), Ration Card, PAN Card, Aadhar Card, etc. are all acceptable.
Passport size photographs can also be required by the insurer
Past Medical Reports checking the presence of any pre-existing diseases
Submission of the insurance policy form

Most insurers would require only the above-mentioned documents but there could be a few variations depending on the insurance company and the type of plan being availed. When claiming sum assured, additional documents such as Medical Certificate, Prescription, Discharge Summary, and Investigation Report would be required by most insurers.

A health insurance policy is one of the most critical policies one purchases to protect themselves and their loved ones from any financial burdens, such a policy should be taken with utmost consideration of important factors. This can be done through research and comparison of different policies available in the market. Know more about the health insurance policy offered by Chola MS that aims to provide a comprehensive cover for times of need.