TOP 5 APPS IN 2021

These were some of the best free Android applications for 2021 that will guide you be more involved but also changing how you use your Smartphone’s.

  • Fmwhatsapp- this application is developed by FoudMakkad. it is not available on the play store but you can download it from website. it has a lot of features makes it different such as call filter, high-quality image sharing, fonts and icons and new emoji variants too. it can increase the length of status to 250 which is amazing! it is more secure, practical and privacy features. There is a possibility of using two accounts in one phone. Thousands of people all over the world use Fmwhatsapp so that they can have all those features which are not available in original whatsapp.


  • Facebook- it was founded by Zuckerberg along with his classmates and students too at harvard college also an American technology based on Menlo park. it is a social networking site ease to connect with your friends and family members online .To use it you first need to sign in which means to create a profile. you can make new friends online. even you can share your live location, find friends with their phone numbers and can react too. Timeline where you can view the users profile information and posted photos/videos shared. it is used by millions of peoples.


  • Spotify- it was founded by Daniel Ek in 2006. it is incorporated as spotify technology S.A, in Luxembourg and is headquartered in Sweden and with offices in 17 different countries. you can listen music, podcast and also video service. if you want to listen music without any disturbance that is ad-free you need to pay for that which is spotify premium. Spotify provides you a good audio quality. it has a capabilities that makes you to share playlists social as well. it is the best music streaming app for android and iphone. it also save your internet.


  • Telegram- It was founded by Pavel Durov who is an Russian entrepreneur. it is a multitasking platform app. it has an estimated 500 million monthly users. it has one of the best privacy feature which makes it competitive. it is an popular messaging apps which works online just like whatsapp and facebook messenger. which means you will need a internet connection or wifi. it has a lot of features such as two-step verification, you can here lock chats, selective people can add you in a group and even secret chats too. the new version of telegram supports both voice and video calls.


  • Zoom- it is an American communications Technology Company headquartered in san José, California. it allows you to setup virtual meeting, conference video calls, live chats and screen-sharing. you can also chat. it has HD audio and video collaboration and chat. it is easy to use. Record your call as a video. it is not just a communication tool, it is help desk tool. this apps allows 100 people to join. Zoom is a subscription- based service and you have to pay. it is a good platform for the customers and investors. it’s marketing strategy which makes it so successful.

2021’s Best Android Apps About anything you want to do on your Mobile device can be done with an Application.

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